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ices) has increased from 14,306 RMB ▓per square meter in 2007 to 5,7013

RMB per square meter now, up 299%. Prices in Longgang distr▓ict where Huawei is based, have risen by 285% over the past decade. Not long ago, the

company relo▓cated its 2700 workers to Dongguan, a place with cheaper housing.The growing cost of

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livin▓g makes some people worried, but many people still choose ▓to stay. Just like Wang Feng, a 25-year-old stock dealer ▓said, "I love Shenzhen,


I'd like to stay here, but if I can't, I can go back to my hometown with better work e▓xperience. Shenzhen opens my mind, this is the most important thing."(The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Panview or )Please scan the QR Code to follow us on Inst▓agramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatThe Ankole Long Horned Cows are at

the precipice of extinction in Uganda, even though the breed is listed as heritage assets that the contemporary m▓an has inherited from legendary ancestors.Mor▓e conservation efforts needed for Uganda's long horned Ankole cowsMore conservation efforts needed for Uganda's long horned Ankole cows07-09-2018 10:46 BJTBy Sibasi Timothy, Featu▓re Writer based in Kampala, UgandaThe Ankole L▓ong Horned Cows are at the precipice of extinction▓ in Uganda, even though the breed is listed as her

itage assets that the contemporary man has inherited from▓ legendary ancestors.The threat

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of extinction has been ▓precipitated with the globalization and technology of arti▓ficial insemination, which local herdsmen h▓ave started to embr


ace after learning that people with Friesians are earning more money.It's believed that long h▓orned Ankole cattle were left behind by the Bachwezi who w▓ere semi-gods that inhabited parts of inter-lacustrin▓e region around the 14th Century, the long horned Ankole cows are known for their remarkable beauty and distinctiveness from other species of cattle that▓ are spread worldwide.They are a drought and disease resistant cattle breed, thriving in the dry lands of Ankole and Masaka. They have their unique features, such as the pattern of its horns -- some have straight horns, while others with curved o▓nes or spread apart; also the color of their

body -- some ha▓ve pure colors, while others have dotted ones. In addition, their friendly nature to humans and amazing sounds make them deserve better conservation.N▓ot too optimistic current living situationIn 20▓05, the Food and Agriculture Organization reported that at least 20% of the world's estimated 7,600 livest▓ock breeds, among them the Ankole cow, were▓ in danger of extinction. The agency warned o▓f a potential "meltdown."In 2008, the World Bank also published a report, sayin

g it was time to place farming a▓t the center of development. Highly productive livestock

▓breeds, the World Bank asserts, can alleviate poverty. "We do not have disease-resistant local br

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eeds," said Chris Delgado, agriculture policy adviser at World Bank. He said this h▓as made people lose interest in local breeds▓, a trend that is worrying many scientists. "It is abo▓ut survival. If there is anyone still keeping the Ankole ▓cows it is because of prestige, but not because of milk or commercial benefits," said Allan Turya

ercial off

gumanawe, herdsman in Luwero District.The exoti▓c breed, or Friesia

n, is becoming a darling to many cattle keepers, and those w

ho have small pieces of land opt to do

away with the long horned Ank

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